July 30th, 2013

– Workshops

– Research activities

– 10 day exchange trip

  • UNO -> UiA, May 2009
  • UiA   -> UNO, June 2010

– Joint Courses

  • PA 8110 Managing Information in the Public Sector (3) This course is directed toward in-career and pre-career students in public administration who wish to acquire knowledge of issues in the management of information in the public sector and the basics of computing applications in the public sector. Its primary focus is on special issues in the management of information.Cooperative teaching and course developed by Leif Skiftenes Flak (UiA) and Jay White (UNO)


Activities in partnership program since September 2009:

Research/educational visits

Oct 7 – 9: Visit to UNO by UiA Rector Torunn Lauvdal and Director of the International Education Office, Svein A. Pedersen.

Nov 2 – Nov 8: Visit by Professor Hesham Ali, Dean of the College of Information Science & Technology at UNO, to UiA. Mutual interest was expressed to explore research and grant collaboration between the Department of Computer Science at UNO and Faculty of Engineering and Science at UiA. The Dean also presented the possibilities for student exchange at the graduate level for master and PhD students in the Faculty of Economics and

Social Sciences at UiA.

Nov 3 – Dec 12: Visit by Dr. Robert Blair to UiA, Department of Political Science and Management.

Feb 1 – 3: Visit to UiO by six faculty from UiA Faculty of Humanities and Education and the UiA programme for Teacher Education. The visit included discussions on further collaboration between UNO and UiA related to educational research and student exchange, and visits to Omaha schools.

March 12 – 19: Visit to UiA by Dr. Ann Fruhling, Department of Information Systems & Quantitative Analysis, and Dr. Bryce Hoflund, School of Public Administration. The visit included research presentations, seminars and meetings related to the areas of information systems, e-health, and public administration. A visit to a regional hospital (SSHF) was also included.

April 6 – 9: Visit to UiA by Dr. Stacie Petter, Department of Information Systems & Quantitative Analysis. The visit involved presentations and meetings related to the areas of information systems and computer science. The programme included a seminar on information systems and benefits management, with participants from local companies.

June 6 – 17: Visit by Professor Bjørn Erik Munkvold and Associate professor Hallgeir Nilsen to UNO, as part of the Educational and Cultural Immersion Programme. The visit will also involve meetings related to the areas of service learning and information systems.

Joint teaching

Spring 2009:

– Joint teaching in the course “Empowerment, self-leadership and alternative approaches” in the UNO master programme in Political Science and Management.

Fall 2009:

– Joint online teaching of a graduate course on “Working in virtual environments”, for information systems master students at UiA and UNO, plus three students from Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic on exchange to UiA. The course was run by two UNO professors and one UiA professor.

– Joint online teaching of a UNO graduate course on “Managing information in the public sector”. The course was run by two professors from UNO and UiA.

– Online teaching of an advanced database course in the bachelor programme in IT and information systems at UiA, by Dr. Peter Wolcott, UNO.

Spring 2010:

– Joint teaching of a master course in the graduate programme in Political Science and Management at UNO, by Dr. Helge Hernes, UiA.

Fall 2010-Spring 2011:

– Joint undergraduate certificate in IT Administration (Spring 2011/Fall 2010).   UiA and UNO are collaborating on the creation of a new undergraduate certificate in Information Technology Administration. The certificate is designed for students who are interested in managing the complex technical infrastructure of today’s organizations. The certificate will consist of approximately 15 credit hours of hands-on courses, covering such areas as systems administration, network administration, database administration, security administration, and distributed systems. All courses will be offered on-line, using a variety of collaboration tools and teaching techniques that reflect the best of current practice. Students will take courses taught by both UNO and UiA instructors and will have the opportunity to work with students residing in a country other than their own.

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