2008 Nov Workshop

July 30th, 2013


Participants from UiA:

Aake Bjoerke (Education), Stefanie Hillen (Department of Pedagogics), Carl Erik Moe (Information Systems), Bjørn Erik Munkvold (Information Systems), Hallgeir Nilsen (Information Systems), Maung Sein (Information Systems), and Oddmund Wallevik (Coordinator for the student exchange, Faculty of Economics and Administration)

Participants from University of Nebraska at Omaha:

Robert Blair (Public Administration), Krista Cupich (Study Abroad), Bob Goeman (Education), Neal Grandgenett (Education), Lanyce Keel (IT Services), Harmon Maher (Geology/Geography), Sajda Qureshi (Information Systems & Quantitative Analysis), Deepak Khazanchi (Information Science & Technology), Gary Marshall (Public Administration), Alice Schumaker (Public Administration), Merry Ellen Turner (International Studies & Programs), James Wilson (Biology), Peter Wolcott (Information Systems & Quantitative Analysis), Chi Zhang (Information Systems & Quantitative Analysis), Ilze Zigurs (Information Systems & Quantitative Analysis)


Sajda Qureshi – “IT for Development”
Alice Schumaker – “Comparative public health delivery systems and policies”
Neal Grandgenett and Bob Goeman – “Online Prototypes for an NSF Robotics Curriculum”
Harmon Maher – “Research in Spitsbergen, Norway”
Robert Blair – “Professional development and training of local government administrators in Norway”
James Wilson –  “Report from the Norway Planning Visit for NSF grant – Linking Physiology and Dispersal to Population Cycles in Norwegian Lemmings”
Aake Bjoerke – “Online collaborative learning across continents. UiAs five years experience in internationalized online full time MSc studies and part time online training of educational staff.”
Lanyce Keel – “Distance learning at UNO”
Peter Wolcott – “Experiences from distance learning in IS&T”
Chi Zhang – “Using Second Life for Virtual Learning”
Alice Schumaker – “Reflections on previous experience and the students”
Stefanie A. Hillen – “Treads about future cooperative work and activities between UiA, Institute of Education and Unit of Teacher Education, and UNO
– teacher education, student and staff exchange, and research”
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