2013 Oct Workshop: Thursday, October 17

April 29th, 2015

7:30 am      Breakfast Social

8:00 am     Welcome and Greetings

9:00 am      Introductions

9:30 am      Break

9:45 am      Lightning Talks

9:45 am        Fall Prediction/Detection Using Sensors/Bioinformatics  * Hesham Ali

9:55 am        Future Education * Frank Reichert

10:05 am      e-Health Center * Stephen Seiler

10:15 am      Biomechanics * Nick Stergiou, Sara Myers

10:25 am      Public Administration * Bob Blair

10:35 am      Leave for Chancellor’s meeting in EAB 200 for Dag Asland, Frank Reichert, Stephen Seiler, Dmytro Yakovenko, Hesham Ali, Deepak Khazanchi

10:35 am      Education * David Conway, Astrid Birgitte Eggen

10:45 am      Emergency Management * Jose Gonzalez

11:00 am      e-Government and IT Administration Certificate * Carl Erik Moe, Peter Wolcott

11:10 am      Music * Tomm Roland, Jeremy Baguyos

11:20 am      Information Assurance * Bill Mahoney

11:30 am      Global Education * Ilze Zigurs

11:40 am      Human Computer Interaction * Ann Fruhling

12:00 pm    Lunch

12:30 pm    Plenary * Dr.

Jostein Mykletun Keynote

1:10 pm      Group Picture

1:30 pm      Breakout Sessions I 

PKI 154A     Education Research and Pedagogy

PKI 154B     Health Informatics

PKI 154C     Music

PKI 154D     Information Security

PKI 154E    Public Affairs

PKI 154F    Mobile Technologies & Sensors

PKI 364     Gerontology

PKI 356     Social Work I 

   Administration Sessions I

Student exchange discussion in PKI 158 with Tom Gouttierre, Marry Ellen Turner, Emily Hassenstab, and Dmytro Yakovenko

3:00 pm    Break – IS&T College Tour (Optional) or Private Meetings

3:30 pm    Breakout Sessions II

PKI 154A     Health Sciences/Gerontology

PKI 154B     Music

PKI 154C     Emergency Management

PKI 154D     Health Administration & Policy

PKI 154E     Information Systems

PKI  154F     Social Work II

PKI 158        Education Research & Pedagogy

                     Administration Sessions II

Grant and Research Discussion in PKI 172A with Scott Snyder, Deb Smith-Howell, Hesham Ali, Deepak Khazanchi, Soren Kragholm, and Dag Aasland

5:00 pm      Break

5:30 pm      Reception and Dinner at Scott Conference Center



Download Oct 2013 Workshop Program

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