January 16th, 2016

Q: How much money should I bring?

A: Please bring about 50 Euros (already exchanged) for our time in Amsterdam.  You can withdrawl money overseas for cash while we are there.  Since most of your daily expenses are covered by the grant, you will only need personal spending money and money for our time and meals in Oslo.

Q: Will there be internet access?

A: Yes.  There is at least paid-Wifi in all hotels that we are staying.  The school also has free Wifi, but we are encouraging students to leave laptops at home.  One student will be blogging about our experiences and there will be one or two laptops that we share in an effort to limit our luggage.

No PCs available,  but free WAN.

Has 1 PC available in the lobby. Price 60 NOK per hr.
WAN is available for 60 NOK per hr or 120 for 24 hr.
It may be that both these options will be free of charge after May 1, but they cannot promise this yet.

Has 2 PCs available plus WAN. Both free of charge.

Q: What kind of power adapter will I need to plug in my electronics?

A: The voltage is 220V in Norway, whereas the US electric grid uses 120V.  In many cases you will need the power converter as well.  Items such as curling irons and blow dryers will need a power adapter that matches the device wattage.  A 1600-watt adapter can only support a hair dryer up to 1600 watts.  Electronic devices such as a camera charger or cell phone adapter may not need the converter. Norway uses the standard European plug pictured here.  These devices already have voltage converters built-in and will only require the plug adapter.  Check to see if your electronic device’s plug has “100-240V” on it.  If it does, only the plug adapter is required for your device to work in Norway.

You may want to order a bunch of adapters in a group from here: http://www.voltage-converter-transformers.com/plugadapters.html.  $1 a piece, plus shipping.

Power adapter and European style plug

Power adapter and European style plug

Camera charger with "100-240V"

Camera charger with "100-240V"

Q: Will my phone work while we’re there?

A: If you have a GSM phone or tri-band phone yes.  All AT&T phones and most blackberries will work, but you will be charged international roaming rates.  If you have an unlocked GSM phone, you will be able to purchase a Norwegian SIM card and use your phone with a Norwegian phone number.  Unlocking your GSM phone usually must be done by your wireless carrier, and it will generally incur a charge.

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