April 22nd, 2009

Packing Tips

Some tips for packing:

  • Pack light.  It’s only 10 days.
  • Pack smart.  Look at the room list and try to share bulky things like curling irons.
  • Limit to one carry on and one checked bag please.
  • Pack a change of clothes in your carry on.
  • Pack anything you’d need if our bags are lost, in your carry on.
  • Leave some room to bring back souvenirs.
  • Pack an empty small backpack or daypack to use for day trips or extra room on the way home.

Remember no explosives or weapons of any kind, including pocket knives and pepper spray.  TSA tends to frown on these things.

According to Northwest’s website for checked and carry on luggage policies, you are limited to 50 lbs and less than 62 linear inches for checked luggage.  Carry on luggage must be less than 45 linear inches.  If your bag weighs more than 50 lbs, you will be responsible for the $50 charge.

Suggested Packing List

Download the PDF here.

Documents and Essentials
□ Money belt or neck wallet
□ Passport
□ Copy of Passport
□ Copy of Airline Itinerary
□ Copy of Program Itinerary
□ Emergency Contact Numbers
□ Photocopies of all documentation
□ ATM or credit card (x2)
□ 20 -50 cash (Euro) for Amsterdam
□ Health insurance information
□ Other: _________________
□ Other: _________________

□ Luggage identification
□ Extra change of clothing in carry-on
□ Satchel or backpack (secure closure) for day excursions
□ Travel Alarm clock (battery-operated)
□ Adapter, converter, transformer (if needed)
□ Camera
□ Portable music player / book or magazine for flights
□ Extra batteries
□ Address book for postcards
□ Journal
□ Travel guide for host country
□ Photos of family and friends
□ Small gifts to exchange
□ Sleep sack (if desired)
□ Sunscreen
□ Hand sanitizer
□ Tissues or travel toilet paper
□ Sunglasses
□ Hat/cap
□ Umbrella

Medical/ Toiletries
□ Prescription medicine in original containers & copies of prescriptions
□ Eyeglasses or contacts, spare pair, & lens prescription
□ Health kit, with: (as needed) prescription medicines, bandages & band-aids, cold & flu tablets, motion sickness medicine, pain reliever, Pepto-Bismol, throat lozenges, lip balm, etc
□ Wash cloth and small towel
□ Bath/ cosmetic supplies
o Toothbrush/paste
o Deodorant
o Soap
o Makeup
o Etc.

□ Sturdy, comfortable walking shoes
□ Shower shoes (if desired at hostel)
□ Socks or hose
□ Underwear
□ Pajamas
□ Swimsuit (?)
□ Jeans/slacks
□ Shirts
□ Sweater or sweatshirt (think layers)
□ Rain jacket
□ Nice semi-formal outfit (shirt, jacket for men / nice outfit for women)
□ Other: __________________
□ Other: __________________

*Remember that we will be moving / traveling frequently. You must be able to manage your own luggage. Please consider checking a (carry-on-size) suitcase and carrying on a shoulder bag. Do not forget to pack a change of clothes and your essential medications in your carry-on luggage.

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