November 11th, 2015


A baseball game is played between two teams of pay for research paper nine players who each have nine innings.  An inning is simply one of nine divisions or periods of a regulation game. The team that scores the most runs by the end of the ninth inning wins the game.

The game starts when the pitcher from one team throws a ball towards the batter from the other team, who tries to hit the ball into the baseball field.


The batter is able to score a run by hitting the ball from home plate and running around all of the bases to return to home plate.

The nine members of the fielding team (including the pitcher) are trying to get the batter out.
After the batting team has three players out, the teams switch so that the other side does the fielding while the other bats.
There are many ways to get the batter out:

  •  If a defensive player catches a hit ball in the air before it touches the ground, the batter is out (regardless of his location).
  •  If the batter hits the ball but a field player retrieves it after it has touched the ground and throws it to another field player standing on first base before the batter arrives there.
  •  If a field player touches the batter with the ball while the batter is running in-between bases.
  •  If the batter acquires three strikes before hitting the ball (within the field).

Strikes happen when the pitcher throws the ball correctly into the strike zone.

When balls are thrown outside of the strike zone, they are called balls. If the pitcher throws 4 balls, the batter gets to go to first base. This is called a walk.

The first two balls that are hit outside of the foul line are considered strikes. A batter cannot strike out by hitting a third foul ball.

If the batter hits the ball past the wall, he and all other players on the bases get to touch home, letting each one score a run. This is known as a home run.

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